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de-stressing mindfulness and qigong training

Mindfulness and Qigong

I teach mindfulness meditation which is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.


I also teach qigong, a graceful and highly effective system of exercise.


I'm based in Suffolk, UK, near Bury St. Edmunds.




Qigong exercises are designed to restore healthy energy flows in the body and rebalance emotional issues. It is an ancient tradition that formed the basis of Chinese medicine and gave rise to acupuncture among other things. It is simple, relaxing and highly effective for both core strength and wellbeing.


Mindfulness meditation


Mindfulness meditation is the simplest of all techniques, originally known as vipassana meditation, which has been practised for two thousand years. Although its roots are in the Buddhist tradition, mindfulness is in fact a non-denominational practice and anybody can benefit from it, including atheists and agnostics.


Mindfulness meditation is a training in becoming aware of the mind and of the self by cultivating presence in the moment. It dissolves many stresses and anxieties and returns you to a state of peace, balance and resilience. The world does not necessarily change around you, but you change and become more adaptable and present in your life, which can have long-reaching effects on your happiness and ability to build a good life, good relationships and good memories. It is a healing practice.


Practical and knowledgable instruction


I've been meditating and practising tai chi and qigong for almost twenty years and have explored a huge number of techniques. In my training courses I offer practical exercises that I've found to really work.